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    Our mission

    At AltisorShop, our mission is to offer our customers quality products and to make sure the products meet their needs quickly.

    We focus on the consumer needs not only at the purchase level but also at the delivery and the after-sale level.

    We make it our mission to maintain the highest standards for a Great Shopping Experience. 

     Our goal

    We believe firmly that the consumer deserves a quality product and a special attention. When the consumer wants to complete a purchase in some department stores or in big online stores, the staff's help or the client's support service is very limited or absent. Therefore, the customer’s questions are not answered.

     At AltisorShop, our goal is to find quickly the answer or the solution to the client’s issue.

    Our gratitude to our loyal customers

    We serve an international clientele throughout several countries.

    We offer them the best products at an affordable price.

    Our gratitude goes to all our loyal customers, although we do not take anything for granted. Therefore, we strive daily to improve «the customer experience»

    Our Commitment and Our Promise

    Our promise is to find a suitable solution to customer’s issues and deliver value to many loyal customers from several countries who trust our products.

    Our Best Products and Brands at an affordable price

    We sell products with positive evaluations by our team, our pilot group, and our partners.

    We also sell products of the own brands that can be also bought in our specialized shops, affiliate stores or partners.

    The customer is "king"

    We believe that the customer is "king" and he or she deserves special attention for his trusting our products. Thus, we want to quickly find a solution to issues ore questions of the consumers.


    For any questions, inquiries or more information, please to contact us:

    By email:



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    For jobs and sales opportunities


    By Phone: 1-800-979-8958

    Monday to Friday (from 9:00 am to 5:00 East USA & Canada). 

    We are closed the weekends and the Official US Holidays).

    Thank you for shopping at Altisor!

    Mailing Address

    11923 NE Sumner St
    STE 809559
    Portland, Oregon, 97220, USA


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