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    Special Days zz-ALL - and Occasions

    Special Days and Occasions to Celebrate Each Year

    Calendars of Special Observances Throughout the Year

    Every month is full of days and weeks to observe and celebrate. Many of those days, like Halloween and Mother's Day, are quite well-known. Others are not so well-known.

    Have you ever heard of Backwards Day? Or Look for Circles Day? These are days that you and your children can have fun with. Lists of these special days can help pique your kids' interests and stimulate their minds.

    • January Special Days

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      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      New Year's Day is the best known holiday in January,  but there are plenty of other special days to celebrate during the month.

      • Trivia Day
      • Appreciate a Dragon Day
      • National Kazoo Day.

      January is also National Book Month and International Creativity Month.

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      February Special Days

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      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      February is full of fun holidays and celebrations, more than just Valentine's Day. 

      • Read in the Bathtub Day
      • World Thinking Day
      • Tell a Fairy Tale Day

      February is also Black History Month and includes International Snow Sculpting Week.

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      March Special Days

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      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      March is the month when everyone is welcome to be Irish for St. Patrick's Day.

      Other fun days for kids are:

      • National Pi Day
      • World Meteorology Day
      • Tolkien Reading Day

      March is also Women's History Month and includes International Brain Awareness Week.

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      April Special Days

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      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      Every month has at least one well-known holiday. In April, it's April Fool's Day.

      Children will also appreciate:

      • National Library Day
      • Scrabble Day
      • Richter Scale Day

      One whole week is just for budding poets: Young People's Poetry Week.

      Some celebrations that last all month. April is the Month of the Military Child and Math Awareness Month.

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      May Special Days

      May pinned on noticeboard
      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      Mother's Day and Memorial Day are two of the holidays celebrated in May, but there are plenty of others that are perfect for children and their families:

      • Mother Goose Day
      • Nerd or Geek Pride Day
      • Buy a Musical Instrument Day. 

      Kids will no doubt enjoy Astronomy Week this month, too.

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      June Special Days

      June pinned on noticeboard
      mattjaecock/E+/Getty Images

      You can celebrate Father's Day and Family History Day in June.  

      Summer months are usually for relaxing, so it makes sense to celebrate:

      • Drawing or Pencil Day
      • Camera Day

      More focus on the family this month is during National Family Week.  June is also National Audio Book Month.

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      July Special Days

      July pinned on noticeboard
      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      By mid-summer, some kids may start to get bored, so it's no surprise that July is National Anti-Boredom month. Individual holidays include a favorite of many children, Independence Day. 

      Other days kids will love are:

      • International Joke Day
      • Video Games Day
      • Spoonerism Day 

      A personal favorite this month is National Parenting Gifted Children Week.

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      August Special Days

      August pinned on noticeboard
      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      In August, the weather can still be pretty warm, but the vacation season is winding down as kids need to start getting ready for school by the end of the month in many places.

      It makes sense, then, that August would be designated as Family Fun Month. It's a time for the whole family to enjoy time together before school starts.

      Little artists will appreciate that August is also Artist Appreciation Month.

      Other days kids will appreciate include:

      • Book Lover's Day
      • Poet's Day
      • Aviation Day
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      September Special Days

      By now most children are back in school, so it might be good to take note of Positive Thinking Day in September. 

      Other fun days during September, in addition to Labor Day, are:

      • Punctuation Day
      • Talk Like a Pirate Day

      September is also Classical Music Month and includes Fall Astronomy Week.

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      October Special Days

      October pinned on noticeboard
      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      October is the month of everyone's favorite holiday—Halloween.  A lesser=known favorite is English Language Day.

      Holidays others will enjoy are:

      • Curious Events Day
      • Moment of Frustration Day

      October is also Sarcastic Month and includes Chemistry Week.

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      November Special Days

      November pinned on noticeboard
      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      In November, you start to move into what is often called the holiday season, with Thanksgiving leading the way.

      Other fun holidays in November are:

      • National Children's Non-Fiction Day
      • I Love to Write Day
      • Look for Circles Day

      Since families often gather for Thanksgiving, children can take advantage and celebrate Family Stories Month. Kids and their families should also enjoy Game and Puzzle Week.

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      December Special Days

      December pinned on noticeboard
      mattjeacock/E+/Getty Images

      Who doesn't know about Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's Eve in December? With those holidays, it's not surprising to find Cookie Cutter Week in December.

      Lesser known holidays this month include:

      • Look on the Brightside Day
      • Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day
      • Card Playing Day

      December is also Write a Friend Month.

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